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Monday, June 18, 2012

Microsoft's Big Secret Announcement Revealed

In case you missed it, Microsoft's big secret press conference is about the "Surface", a new tablet pc.

From what I gather, the specs are something like this (this list doesn't have everything in it, but it does have the good stuff):
  • "perimeter venting" for keeping the PC cool
  • stylus (with digital ink )
  • 10.6" screen
  • Clear Type full HD display
  • HDMI is built in
  • Front and rear cameras
  • 9.3mm thin
  • detachable (thin) keyboard with trackpad, which is actually built-in to the tablet pc cover
  • Windows 8
Here's the full specs of the device (thanks Major Nelson):

Here's a video about the Surface:

No word yet on the price of the Surface though. You can read more about the Surface here:

If you don't want to wait for the Surface to come out and want to try out Windows 8 now, the latest preview version out, the Release Preview, is the last version before the gold release (in other words, the next build of Windows 8 will be the official released version). If you have a spare partition on your hard drive, go ahead and try it out. A reminder to always backup anything important on your hard drive before doing something major like this.

If you have any questions or comments about speculation and rumors related to this new tablet pc, feel free to voice them in the comment box below or e-mail me at You can also ask me on twitter (twitter username is @rctechgeek). Feel free to subscribe to my rss feed as well.

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Feel free to try out my apps for Windows Phone: Mobile Media Manager, a media player app I made which has some features which (I feel) are missing from the system Zune player, and BSA Eagle Tracker, an app that boy scouts can use to track their progress to Eagle Scout (when the scout handbook isn't always handy). New versions of the media player with new features/bug fixes is coming within a week (most likely sooner than this, but definitely within 2 weeks) of passing Microsoft Apphub certification. BSA Eagle Tracker is also getting a bug fix for an obscure bug I noticed recently.

BSA Eagle Tracker download:
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