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Friday, November 30, 2012

Some Thoughts on the Current State of Xbox Live

It's been more than 1 month since Windows 8 was released to the general public. With Windows 8, we now have 3 ways to play our Xbox (Live) games: on our console (Xbox 360), on our phone (Windows Phone), and now our Computer (Windows 8) as well. However, the current state of games is somewhat lacking on the Windows 8 end.

When Windows 8 came out, I was expecting some of the biggest console Xbox (360) hits like Halo to make their way to Windows 8. As of now, I have not seen this happen. An upside is that some popular games on the Windows Phone side of Xbox were ported to Windows 8.

One aspect of having these 3 platforms available for us for gaming is that has been overlooked in many instances is the aspect of integration between systems. One idea for integration is in a given game, there are some goodies within that game that can be used on that game's port for a different platform. One game that does do this is Kinectimals on Windows Phone. Once you have your pet on one system (like Windows Phone), you can transfer it to another system and continue raising the exact same pet (like Xbox 360). Another idea for integration is to use one system to control another. An example here is using something on windows phone to control the game in some way on an Xbox 360. The last aspect I will add for now is the aspect of multiplayer cross-platform gaming. Basically a person on one platform's port of a game can play someone else at the exact same game on a different platform. An example of this would be someone playing Halo on Xbox 360 is playing against another person in the exact same scenario, but on Halo on Windows 8.

Finally, for a while now, I have felt that the Xbox 360 is slowly dying. From what I have seen as far as upcoming releases go, I see no new games being released. What is being released are sequels being released for existing game series. This will only work for a short time. Offering the Kinect as a way to enhance games was a step in the right direction, but I feel like more can be done. Independent and small company games are the only thing that can save the Xbox 360 platform for the future.

So what do you think of this? Do you agree that Microsoft can do more with Xbox Live? Please share your thoughts with everyone in the comment box below.

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