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Thursday, October 10, 2013

GDDR2 Amber Update for Nokia Phones on AT&T Network is Finally Out

Well folks, after 15:00 e.s.t., AT&T has finally put out the GDDR2 Amber update from Nokia for the Lumia 820 and 920. All of those weeks of constantly bickering at AT&T paid off.

You can get the Update by going into the Settings and choosing "Check for Update". Nokia's update check page reflects this.

Since my Lumia 820 only has 8gb of onboard storage space, I will think I will be one of the more adventurous ones and download the new rom image (with the updates in it) and flash it for a clean install. Now if only Microsoft allowed for apps to be able to backup their program data to skydrive. It's a shame that I am going to loose all of my progress on my games if I flash the new rom image instead of getting it through "check for update" (but I guess that is the price I have to pay).

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