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Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Tool to Recover from Seven-Eighter Language Errors

Update: If you have been getting a message about the image update error or the program is not responding after hitting the continue button, I put some steps to further diagnose your problems in one of the comments below.

Update 2: A new build of the Language Restore tool is (finally) available for download (download link hasn't changed). If you are still having problems see my comment in the comment box below for steps for further help.

If you used Seven-Eighter to update your windows phone device and messed up when choosing the language packs, there is hope for you. I have made a program which will allow you to restore language packs that you forgot to choose when you ran Seven-Eighter (either my version or the original version) to update your windows phone device.

All you need to do is download the program and run it with your phone connected while Zune is not running. If Zune pops up when you connect your phone to your computer, simply exit out of Zune.

download link:

If you are wondering where the download is once you click the download link, look for the "skip ads" button in the top right-hand corner of your screen and click it (to get the file download prompt).

If you have any problems with using the program, please let me know as soon as possible so I can correct them. If you have any trouble with the links and downloading, please let me know as well. The program is free for your use, but if you want to throw something my way to support me, my paypal e-mail is "".

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  1. Hello,
    I attempted to use your app to correct my language pack issue. Unfortunately when I run the app nothing appears to happen. I see an 'updates.xml' file be created, however nothing is written to it, and a moment later it is removed with no actions taken.

    Any suggestions, or further information I can provide to get it going?


  2. My update proces finnish unsuccessfuly with error code: 80180048. Any advice what to do?

  3. I selected all the languages and ran the program. Got a message "device handshake failed". The program did not run.

  4. i also selected all the language but still get the same error message. Any help would be appreaciated

  5. i am getting this error message in the log :

    UpdateWP.exe Information: 0 : 4/30/2013 4:26:30 AM: Device 1afc91ca - 0d529226 - a5037132 - 32c72c71 Update Error 80180048 IU (Image Update) installation failed due to an error.%

  6. hello,
    i am trying to use the this tool in order to fix my HD7 but it is not working; i am getting the below error in the log

    Device d91d5b7d - 35c210e4 - 3306ad65 - eb2fd60f Update Error 80180048 IU (Image Update) installation failed due to an error.%

    anything you suggest?

  7. Tried to run and it updated several items and rebooted twice then it just keeps erroring out with:
    Update Error 80070026 An unexpected error has occurred.%

    It pops up a small box that reads "Error" and I have tried to unextract 7eighther again and even reset the phone and restarted the update. Same place always it fails.

  8. Your link to appears to be broken

  9. I have the same problem as in the first comment by Tim...pls help

  10. Hello,

    I have the same problem as Oscar.
    Anyone can help?

  11. Ok, first, for anyone getting "Update Error 80180048", please follow the following steps:
    1.Open an elevated command prompt, navigate to \Program Files\Zune
    2.Type: updatewp /list and take note of your entire device Id string "\\?\usb\..."
    3.Type: updatewp /device "<device id from step 2 goes here>" /getdevicelog
    Quotes are important here.
    4.Once complete, navigate to \Program Files\Zune\DeviceUpdateLog\ and open
    5.Open UpdateErrors.log and look at the first two (actual error) lines.

    For those of you where it's not responding, is there any input in the output below before it starts responding? If so, what is the output before the program stops responding?

    I will put out a fixed build within the next 24 hours which has some better exception handling output so you and I can better pinpoint where things are going wrong. I am sorry for not getting this out sooner. School, home life, and my new job have been eating my free time.

    1. when i'm using the cmd lines you provided, it constatly shows me next message:
      Error: The installed version of ZuneWMDU (4.8.2345.0) doesn't match the tool ver
      sion (4.8.2134.0).
      any help?

      thanks in advance!

    2. solved, updated the wp update to same version as zune

    3. Did anyone ever succeed on this? Help please. I'm stuck at the very last stage of doing away with the error.

  12. Hi,

    I have tried running this on Vista and am getting a pop up "you must have Zune installed" I have Zune installed. The phone is plugged in and Zune is closed.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  13. Hello. I have been trying to update my WP7 HTC Radar to 7.8. I did it wrong the first time, not understanding the language issue. The update happened, but my apps were not functional. I completely erased the phone and still was not able to access the phone's apps. I thought, "why not try to download the update now. What can it hurt?" I successfully downloaded one update and now think I am at 8783. Each attempts is unsuccessful. I know to click on German, English (US), French, Italian, and Spanish.
    I am going out of the country next week and would really appreciate your help saving my phone. Thanks in advance.

  14. My Windows Phone Is Htc Radar C110e & I Upated My Phone Using Seven Eighter.This Tool F••ked My Phone & Some Settings Are Disturbed Like(Wifi,About,Keyboard,SMS....etc)
    Plzzzzzz Help Me I Am In A Serious Problem.
    Which Is My Default Language..
    What I Need To Do Help Plzzz!!!