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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Update Since Out of School

In case you are wondering where I have been, no, I am not dead (and this blog is not dead either). Things have changed since I last posted here, so I will give my readers an update on what has been going on and keeping me from writing.

First, the finals exams of my senior year of college are done and I have officially graduated from Wheeling Jesuit University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. The workload with school and programming was keeping me from regular updates with the blog. I have also secured employment with P.T.C. (Parametric Technology Corporation).

Second is the program updates. I have been working on updates for the paid version of Mobile Media Manager. Once I get this update for the paid version is out, I will be working an update which will be more Windows Phone 8-specific (using Windows Phone 8 features). I will still be putting out updates for the Windows Phone 7 port of Mobile Media Manager.

BSA Eagle Tracker is long due for an update. I promise that an update is coming, please be patient for a little while longer.

My build of Seven-Eighter will also have an update soon as well (yes, I have been reading everyone's tech support enquires, so I am aware of problems users have had).

I am also working on 2 new apps, one being for Windows Phone and another for Windows 8. The one for Windows Phone is a prayer app. Its purpose is to help you with finding time for prayer and help in diversifying your prayer life. It is geared towards Catholics (more specifically, Roman Catholics), but there is room for expansion for both Eastern Catholics and Protestants. More features and prayers will be coming with future updates. If there is enough interest from Eastern Catholics, I can work on incorporating some Eastern Catholic stuff in there as well.

The Windows 8 app is a social media app. It is meant to be a quick "dashboard" to see into all of your social media all in 1 list, organized time-wise by the most recent status first. For example, if I use Facebook and Twitter and the most recent status is from Facebook, the Facebook status will show up first in the list. If the most recent status is from Twitter, the Twitter tweet will show up first in the list. Your standard reaction commands (like and comment for Facebook and reply and retweet for Twitter) will be available. If you need to make any account changes, however, you will need to go to the respective social media site and modify your settings there. Also, you will be able to "link" a person between social media accounts (like linking a person's Facebook username with his or her Twitter username) and see all entries for that person under the linked name (the "linking" is done just within the program, so there is no actual linking of social media services outside of the program). Depending on progress, the linking feature might be put in an update rather than the initial release, but it is definitely coming.

This is all for now, but I figured that I should give my readers some kind of update to show that my blog is not dead. I should be posting more frequently from now on.

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While we are waiting for updates to my windows phone apps, if you want to go ahead and get my apps now, please use the following links:

BSA Eagle Tracker download:
Mobile Media Manager (paid version) download:
Mobile Media Manager (free version) download:

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