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Friday, August 10, 2012

New Domain for Catholic Tech Geek

I just thought I would let all of my readers know that I now have a (proper) domain name for this blog. If you attempt to visit the blog via the old address (, it will just redirect you to the new domain (at least, for the time being, which is indefinite). Please take a moment to update your bookmarks to the new address.

I might also add that navigating to this blog might be a bit rocky within the next 24 hours of the publishing time of this post. I am sorry if this causes any inconveniences.

The new url for this blog is:

To celebrate, why don't you try some tasty Mystic Monk Coffee (use this link or click on the picture below to access the store and purchase). Trust me, it's good coffee (in most instances, much better than Starbucks coffee) and you won't regret buying some (just keep it away from your computer keyboard or laptop/tablet). For the summer, they are also offering Iced Coffee for purchase as well. If you like tea more than coffee, they also offer tea. Using the link (or picture below) to buy the coffee (or tea) helps the monks out and helps me with college expenses as well.

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