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Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm back after the Long Break

First of all, I can say that I am officially back (from a long break in writing blog entries). Many things have been going on in my life (such as working at Wal-mart temporarily while still looking for a full-time software developer role, both contract work and full-time work both work for me, and contemplating going into the priesthood), and I really haven't had the time to put in to writing a good blog post.

I have not forgotten about updates to my Windows Phone programs. My main project right now is working on an update for Mobile Media Manager for Windows Phone 8.1 (and that update is overdue, I know). In the currently released version, I was plagued with the restrictions that Microsoft had put in place for third party access to the Zune media queue. Thankfully, now with Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has finally opened up all of the functionality I need to make a fully-featured media player app. One of the major goals of this major update is full integration with Microsoft's storage solutions. Besides being able to play songs from local storage, I am also working on including integration with Xbox Music so you will be able to play your music downloaded with Xbox Music and being able to use music stored on Skydrive (excuse me, Onedrive) as well.

For those of you that are using my prayer app, Prayer Aid, I am also working on an update for it. Besides little fixes like a part of the text of the Angelus, I am adding in some new prayers too. You will also be able to go ad-free and..have access to audio of the rosary that is in sync with where you are on the rosary counter I provide. If that goes well, I might add in audio support for the Divine Mercy Chaplet as well.

For my boy scout app, BSA Eagle Tracker, an update is being worked on for you. This update will update the merit badge list to be recent and include many user interface tweaks. If I don't get to it in this next update I will release, I will include in the update following it the requirements for the various merit badges, both eagle-required and optional.

To give you all a sneak peek at some new stuff I have in the works, I have a social media app for Windows 8(.1) that I am currently working on as well. The goal of the app is to be able to pull all of your information from various social networking sites and be able to see it all in one place, organized by time. If it goes well, I will also turn it into a universal app so windows phone will also have a version of it. Development of the command line app for Windows Phone that I am working on has been put on hold temporarily until I push out updates for existing programs.

As I said before, a lot has been going on in my life since my last post. I felt that it is right for me to give everyone an update of what has been happening so people don't think I have dropped of the face of the earth. I will try to post blog entries on a regular basis now, so stay tuned.