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Monday, May 16, 2011

Microsoft TechEd Conference Day 1: part 2

Well, I got through the long keynote address and through some sessions. The big thing with the keynote, and the conference theme somewhat, is integration in the cloud with a multitude of devices, which may not always be running the same operating system. A strong emphasis was placed on Sharepoint as being a central place where workers can collaborate from anywhere. Office365 was included in the whole cloud computing topic as the future focus of Microsoft Office is headed in the direction of being able to work on your documents from your computer, your handheld device, or the web (with the advent of MS Office online).

With all this talk of the cloud and the cloud doing some of the processing that a computer might normally be forced to do, what would happen if multi-player gaming (any category and any genre) used the cloud for some of the processing. Would the internet connection be fast enough to handle it? Could the computer still render the necessary graphics and sound in a decent amount of time? I think that using the cloud to do some of the heavy lifting that a good graphics card for gaming usually does could result in bandwith issues (and as a result, ruin the experience for everyone playing). Maybe I'm wrong on this, but if someone has a solution to this that works, I'll take it.

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