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Friday, July 22, 2011

Musical Keys and their Uses

With all these posts I've been doing on Technology and Catholicism, I thought it might be nice to take a break from all that and talk about music.

Anyway, through my study of music, I have found that each key that can be used in a key signature has a nature to it (and maybe feelings too) that warrants a certain key more suitable to convey a certain setting or situation than other keys. Here are some examples of what I mean. Please note I am referring to mostly the major keys and some of the minor keys, but not any other keys (like G Lydian). I will start with C and proceed through the circle of fifths.
  • C: This key is more of a plain key and generic
  • C#/Db: can be somewhat calm
  • D: solemn, but can also be sweet
  • D#/Eb: sweet
  • E: another solemn key
  • F: dreamy, and also good for a march
  • G: glorious (in a way)
  • G#/Ab: a mix of plain and strong
  • A: solemn, could also be good for big bass sound??
  • A#/Bb: majestic, good for a march
  • B: fast moving??
Now for some minor keys (starting with A):
  • A: sad and sorrowful
  • A#/Bb: cool, good for jazz
  • B: ?
  • C: mysterious
  • C#/Db: ?
  • D: sorrowful or scary
  • D#/Eb: cool, also good for jazz
  • E: cool, good for jazz
  • F: scary
  • F#/Gb: ?
  • G: Medieval
  • G#/Ab: ?
Am I the only one who has ever thought along these lines? Have you ever thought about this or something similar to this? Do you agree with my choices or do you have a better suggestion for any of the keys (major or minor) I have chosen? If you could help me fill in the blanks that would be great. Please let it all be known via the combo box below. You can also follow me on Twitter (username is @rctechgeek).

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