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Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Experiences and Food

Since yesterday was Father's Day, I would like to know if you did anything special with your father or priest.

I will start. Yesterday, my father, the rest of my family, and I stayed at home. During the afternoon, we all sat down with dad in the family room to watch a couple movies together. Now, Dad, my brother, and I are (big) Nascar fans, so we wanted to catch the race, but couldn't because the rest of the Nascar races are being broadcast on TNT, a television channel we don't get because we only have basic cable (yes, I could have used our Sirius Satellite Radio to listen to the race, but listening to the race is not the same as watching it). Instead of watching the race, we found "Flight of the Phoenix" on the CBS channel in my area and watched it. During a commercial break, we gave Dad the new tomato plants and the new grilling utensils we got him for Father's Day.

For dinner, we had steak and shrimp for our main dish, with potatoes and fruit salad as side dishes. Even though it was Father's Day, my father still took charge of the grilling the steaks (and shrimp) even though I offered to take charge of the grill to give him a rest. We decided not to have cake since we still have leftover cake from my brother's high school graduation party and we were all full from dinner. After dinner, we watched the movie "Red". After that, we all went to bed.

Am I the only one that thinks that it is better to have a meal at home for Father's Day or Mother's Day rather than taking your father (or mother) out to a restaurant for a meal on his (or her) respective day? I think that having the meal at home (and you preparing it) is more meaningful to them because you are putting your heart and soul into making the food for them to enjoy. Sure, I do realize that not everyone is professional chef/cook quality and that some people are better at cooking than others, but it's really the thought that really counts, the thought that you took time out of your day to prepare a special meal with love that your father can enjoy.

So, that was my Father's Day experience. Now, I would like for you to share your experiences with your father or priest on Father's Day with me and everyone else who reads this blog. What did you cook? If you did cook, is there a recipe you would like to share? Did you get your father any cool (technology or other) gifts?

Please share your experiences via the comment box below.You can also share with me on twitter (twitter username is @rctechgeek). Feel free to subscribe to my rss feed as well.

If you didn't get your father (or priest) much for Father's Day or think he could use one more gift,  give him the gift of some Mystic Monk Coffee (use this link or click on the picture below to access the store and purchase). Trust me, it's good coffee (in most instances, better than Starbucks coffee) and you won't regret buying some. For the summer, they are also offering Iced Coffee as well. If you like tea more than coffee, they also offer tea (use the same link above or picture below to purchase). Using the link (or picture below) to buy the coffee (or tea) helps the monks out and helps me with college expenses as well.

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