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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Prayer of Thanksgiving after Recieving the Eucharist

For a while now, I've been experimenting with the text of a prayer that I came up with one day during daily Mass. I know that this is simpler than and less than other prayers designated for after receiving the Eucharist. However, if you like it and/or it benefits you in some way, shape, or form, I am happy to be of service to you in this manner:
I give thanks to thee, O Lord, for thou hast blessed me with many gifts from thy bounty, but most of all, thou hast given me the gift of the body and blood, soul and divinity, of thine own dearly beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Now that I have received this great gift, O Lord, I humbly pray that you keep me safe from the evil one and I submit to you,  so that you may use me to accomplish thy will in the world today, and may the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ lead me to eternal life.

Again, this is something I came up with myself one day and gradually fine-tuned it until I released it for public use now. If you know of any way to, perhaps, "improve" this prayer, or to share your own prayers you might have come up with, please share them in the comment box below. If you have any other comments on this, I welcome them in the comment box below as well.
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I am also working on a "prayer reminder app" for Windows Phone. This app is designed with Catholics in mind, but any Christian (not just Catholics) can use this app. More details will be coming in further blog posts.

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Feel free to try out my apps for Windows Phone: Mobile Media Manager, a media player app I made which has some features which (I feel) are missing from the system Zune player, and BSA Eagle Tracker, an app that boy scouts can use to track their progress to Eagle Scout (when the scout handbook isn't always handy). New versions of the media player with new features/bug fixes is coming within a week (most likely sooner than this, but definitely within 2 weeks) of passing Microsoft Apphub certification. BSA Eagle Tracker is also getting a bug fix for an obscure bug I noticed recently.

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