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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Great Reference Resource for Windows Phone Development

Recently, while I was searching on the internet, I came across a poster which breaks down the windows phone api into categories so you can easily find the part of the api that you want. I see this as helpful for people who are (relatively) new to Windows Phone programming. For those of you who are already experienced with Windows Phone programming, this is a quick guide to find what you need (and so you can go searching on MSDN for the documentation that you need).

The download is a pdf file. You can download it here at:

In other news, I have a few updates for you regarding my Windows Phone apps. I finally finished a long awaited update for my media player, Mobile Media Manager. The update is already live for the paid version, but the update for the free version is still in certification.. I expect it to be out in a day or two.

My prayer app, Prayer Aid, is now out. Please check it out and leave me a review + rating in the store so I can improve it. It is meant to help you grow your prayer life with God. It should also give you some new ideas for prayer as well. It also can help you find a church while on vacation. Since God never takes a vacation from you, why should you take a vacation from him?

My eagle scout app is currently being worked on. I hope to have the update for it out soon.

If you want to go ahead and get my existing apps now (while I'm working on the updates), please use the following links:

Mobile Media Manager (paid version) download: Media Manager (free version) download:
Prayer Aid:


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