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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mid-Afternoon Report of this Year's Political Circus

Before I begin, I know I should have posted an entry on this during the morning, but I got caught up in school stuff.

Anyway, this year's political circus (excuse me, general election) isn't over yet and we are already getting reports of voter discrimination in various parts of the US.

First, the same group of members of the New Black Panther Party we saw back during the 2008 election are back in Philadelphia. It is sad that they were not prosecuted for voter intimidation the first time.  (

Next addition to the circus is the story in Philadelphia in which election workers were ordered by court order to cover a mural of Obama. I would like to know why this was not taken care of before the voting there started.  (

That is all the stories I have for now. In our election report, the New York Times is currently reporting that New Hampshire has gone to Obama. This result is unofficial and we won't know the real results until tonight.

If you haven't voted yet (or even if you have), please remember that we are accountable for every vote we cast. Each vote we cast should be in support of someone who respects every human being's right to life, from conception to the natural stages of death.

For your benefit and use, I have created a twitter hash tag "#politicalcircus2012" which you can use to share your voting experiences and gripes and to get reports of who's winning. The comment box is open for this as well. Stay tuned for more election coverage later in the day.

My twitter username is @rctechgeek

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