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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Political Circus Scoreboard for 2012

Well, I am back, as promised, with the next Political Circus (Election 2012) report.

As of now, here is the score:

Romney  (total: 186)
Kentucky - 8 votes
West Virginia - 5 votes
Indiana - 11 votes
South Carolina - 9 votes
Tennessee - 11 votes
Georgia - 16 votes
Alabama - 9 votes
Mississippi - 6 votes
Arkansas - 6 votes
Louisiana - 8 votes
Texas - 38 votes
Oklahoma - 7 votes
Kansas - 6 votes
Nebraska -5 votes
Wyoming - 3 votes
South Dakota - 3 votes
North Dakota - 3 votes
Utah - 6 votes
Arizona - 11 votes
North Carolina - 15

Obama  (total: 158)
 Vermont - 3 votes
Maine - 4 votes
Massachusetts - 11 votes
Rhode Island - 4 votes
Connecticut - 7 votes
New Jersey - 14 votes
New York - 29 votes
Delaware - 3 votes
Maryland - 10 votes
Illinois - 20 votes
Michigan - 16 votes
Pennsylvania - 20 votes
District of Columbia - 3 votes
New Hampshire - 4 votes
Minnesota - 10 votes

Control of House
Democrats - 105
Republicans - 162

Control of Senate
Democrats - 45
Republicans - 42
Independent - 2

As the evening goes on, I will try to update this every 15-30 minutes. It's still early, so I'm not expecting any ground-breaking revelations until later. If 15-30 minutes isn't good enough for you, I will be on twitter as @rctechgeek  (feel free to follow me) using the hashtag "#politicalcircus2012".

Update (19:59 E.S.T) : added House and Senate totals, Romney gets WV

Update(20:06 E.S.T): results are coming in too fast to catalog individual updates, so I will just continue to update the scoreboard and you can just check that

Update(21:53 E.S.T.): just realized I had switched the values of members of the house and senate and switched them back to their correct places

Update: Unfortunately, Obama has captured enough electoral votes to win a second term.

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