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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Short Update on BSA Eagle Tracker

A while ago, I told you that I was making a program for Windows Phone 7 (my pet project for the summer) that allows a boy scout to track his progress to Eagle Scout (here's the link to the first post). Well, I have another update, in that I finished what is probably the hardest part next to saving everything, the merit badges. Trying to coordinate merit badge usage between Star, Life, and Eagle ranks was a pain, but I think I have everything under control now. I still haven't implemented saving yet because I want to get the user interface under control first. The User Interface for Star rank has now nearly finished and Life and Eagle ranks are next on the list. In case you're wanting a screenshot, here's what I have for the homescreen (which is the first screen that you see when the program loads). It would be great if you could give me some tips on how I can improve this.

Update 6-17-2011: Saving your progress is partially implemented now. I am still working out some (big) saving bugs though. Also, a few UI parts got updated to fit certain requirements better. More screenshots coming later. Your comments and criticisms are still needed to help improve this app.

For helpful tips or general comments, please put them in the comment box or send them to me on twitter (username is @rctechgeek).

1 comment:

  1. I think some graphics would be nice, maybe the home page could display your current rank some where around there it says the rank. Keep in mind, there will be younger kids using this, who are used to the pretty GUI on their cellphones and laptops. Maybe tell the scout what is most important to do next, maybe suggest what badge he should go for next (I know you haven't implemented saving yet, but just play along).
    One more thought, it may be convenient if a scout master could have his(or her) own version of the program, this way an advancement chair can just glance at a screen quickly to see who is most behind.
    One last thing, a progress bar at the bottom could help the scouts who are more visual to get a feel as to where they are, compared to where they ought to be.
    If they get a rank, a little "congratulations" message, with some advice on what to do next.