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Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Games I would like to see be ported to Windows Phone

If you didn't know already, a Sonic the Hedgehog game was recently released for Windows Phone and is on the marketplace for your gaming pleasure. The much-anticipated Mango update Windows Phone is coming soon in the Fall, and is slated to be the best update yet to the Windows Phone operating system. Wouldn't it be great if some other games we know and love got ported to Windows Phone? With this, there are many games for other platforms that I would like to see a Windows Phone version of. Here are some of them, in no particular order of importance:

  • Halo
       I'm sure many fans of the Halo series have wanted a mobile version of Halo for quite some time. With Halo being part of Xbox Live and Xbox Live being part of the Windows Phone operating system, there is a potential for mobile to mobile playing and mobile with Xbox playing as well, with Xbox Live integration not being a problem.
  • Final Fantasy
       Who wouldn't want a few of the games in the Final Fantasy series being ported to Windows Phone? Final Fantasy I has already been ported to Windows Mobile, so we know it is possible, and some of the other Final Fantasy games deserve to be ported as well.
  • Pokémon
      Little needs to be said for this one. Unfortuately, with the Pokémon games being in the hands of Nintendo, I don't think we have much chance of seeing any native ports. Now if someone would make an emulator that can play them and Microsoft (actually) lets it go on the marketplace, that would work as well.
  • Duck Hunt
       This little gem from the Nintendo NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) caused people to spend endless hours playing this game. Now I know that you can't hook up a gun (if you didn't know, to play Duck Hunt on the NES, you used a "gun" controller to shoot the ducks) to your windows phone, but I can see touch input functioning as the "gun".
  • Orions: Legends of Wizards
       This game was a Windows Mobile gem, winning many awards for gameplay. It is a mix of a card game and real-time-strategy. I'm sure that those of you that had Windows Mobile devices remember this game. Unfortunately, the Windows Mobile version never got an update so you could play it on HVGA resolution devices (in other words, devices with 800 x 480 resolution). This games deserves an update, a port to Windows Phone, and maybe some more expansion packs.
  • Arvale
       This is another game (series) that was big on Windows Mobile. This one is sort of an RPG with dungeon crawler. Anyway, besides breaking the 4th wall much of the time, this game was enjoyable and I spent many hours playing them (the first full version that I actually played was Arvale: Short Tales; I just played trials of the Arvale games before).
  • (Super) Mario Bros.
       Again, one of those games that don't need much said about it. However, like the Pokémon games, I doubt we will be seeing a native port of this from Nintendo.
  • Angry Birds
       This great game is a hot seller on the iOS and Android operating systems. The only one out of the picture is Windows Phone. Many people have been asking for a port of this to Windows Phone for some time now, with me being one of them, and it is currently unknown (to me, at least) whether we will get a port of Angry Birds to Windows Phone or not.

I'm sure that I left out a couple of other games that deserve a port to Windows Phone. This is just a short list of some of them. I am curious to hear what games you think should get a Windows Phone port and if you agree (or disagree) with any of the items on my list. You can make your thoughts known via the comment box below.


  1. please also ZENONIA !!

  2. i know about 60 wp7 users who wants more rpg's like zenonia 1,2 and 3, inotia, shadow guardian
    the wp7 market is full of bad games only a handful are good
    in appstore (iphone) there are prince of persia game (warrior within), spiderman, gangstar and more.
    these are games with over 500 mb size, the max size of a game in wp7 market is 150 mb! please bring out more powerful games

  3. I can see that file size can be a problem when it comes to video games. The current policy is if a program is over 20mb file size, you either have to be connected via wi-fi or use the Zune desktop client to download the program and then it gets transferred to the device via usb (3G does not work). The only thing I can see that would work with this policy is to create a third category which says that if game's file size is really, really big, you have to use the Zune desktop client to download the game and then the game gets transferred to the device via usb (and both 3G and wi-fi would not work for this). Another idea would be for a sd card slot to get "freed up" so you could put a sd card in and the game would already be on the sd card, but I doubt this will happen with Microsoft's current Union-FS like filesystem for Windows Phone.